Has your workforce got the education / skills to implement the chronic oedema management strategy for your service?

Specific implementation will vary from one environment to another

Chronic Oedema Solutions (COS) work with you to design a seamless management strategy from upskilling your workforce to providing your clients with the tools and products to manage their chronic oedema.

We provide a variety of evidence-based courses to upskill your workforce.

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Chronic Oedema Screening Program

To address the problem of chronic oedema organisations must identify it in individuals under their care. This online course will provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to screen for chronic oedema in the ageing population and a pathway for intervention.

Early Intervention Lower Limb Oedema Course

This course will educate the health professional on how to screen, assess and effectively manage mild below-knee oedema and refer on as required for more complex and severe cases.

Chronic Oedema Lower Limb Course

This course is for those wanting skills to manage chronic oedema of the entire lower limb and more advanced below-knee oedema.

Chronic Oedema Care Workers Course

This course provides care workers in the community and in residential care with knowledge and skills to assist the implementation of chronic oedema management strategies

Client Tools and Resources

COS makes it easy for your organization to implement the client’s individualised management strategy via the online shop. Products include skincare products and aides, compression products (such as garments or wraps) and aides, to exercise program resources. COS will assist the health professional to navigate product selection via their mentoring program which increase their clinical reasoning.



Is this a problem your workplace addresses?



How do you currently address chronic oedema identification and management for your elderly clientele?



Assess the gaps in your service.



What service you will provide? Will you screen, manage mild oedema or moderate/severe oedema?

The workforce that will implement the service.

Referral pathways to fill the gaps.



Make sure the workforce has the education / skills to implement the chronic oedema management strategy for your service

Need help to navigate chronic oedema management?

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Need help to navigate chronic oedema management?