What are your organisations challenges and possibilities?

Have you got a clear framework for chronic oedema service delivery that your team can fulfil?

As  an aged care provider you must have in place a clear framework for chronic oedema service delivery. This may include:

  • Regularly screening for chronic oedema
  • Managing mild below knee oedema
  • Managing moderate/ severe oedema
  • Providing care worker assistance to clients

Make sure that your organisation has sufficient numbers and the right mix of workforce members, with the right skills, to meet consumers’ personal and clinical care needs to manage chronic oedema?

COS can assist you in developing your chronic oedema service

Use our roadmap to identify the possibilities



Is this a problem your workplace addresses?



How do you currently address chronic oedema identification and management for your elderly clientele?



Assess the gaps in your service.



What service you will provide? Will you screen, manage mild oedema or moderate/severe oedema?

The workforce that will implement the service.

Referral pathways to fill the gaps.



Make sure the workforce has the education / skills to implement the chronic oedema management strategy for your service

What questions do you have?

We want to hear from you. Let's plan how your organisation can make positive changes to the management of chronic oedema in the ageing population.

Need help to navigate chronic oedema management?